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Our Programs

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Desoto County Career and Technology Center (CTC East) offers 5 programs to the students at Center Hill High School, Lewisburg High School, and Olive Branch High School. The 5 programs at the center are Health Sciences, Law Enforcement and Public Safety, Logistics and Transportation, Information Technology, and Industrial Maintenance. Each program is designed to be a 2 year program; upon successful completion of a program, students will earn 4 credits toward graduation. Through these programs, students will learn valuable skills needed to pursue a career in the selected field post high school. We strive to provide the needed information for students to be able to set career goals and understand the path to obtain the goals.


Health Sciences:

The Health Sciences program introduces students to various careers in the health care field. Upon completion of the two-year program, students will be trained to work in entry-level positions or be better prepared to continue post-secondary education in the health care field. Students will be certified in CPR at the health care provider level. Students are required to complete 100 hours of clinical experience during their second year. Upon successful completion of Health Sciences I, one Carnegie Unit may count as a science credit toward graduation requirements.


Industrial Maintenance:

Students in this program are prepared for apprenticeships, post-secondary education, or entry level positions in the industrial maintenance field. Areas of study in this program include an introduction to HVAC, basic electricity, mechanical systems, welding processes, power tools, safety, rigging, and employability skills. Students will be trained to take the NCCER Level 1 Certification and Industrial Maintenance Level 1 Certification tests. 


Information Technology:

The information technology (IT) program is designed to provide the basic foundation, skills, and knowledge for computer networking, applications, and support. Students will develop the skills necessary to prepare for certification exams and will learn how to develop, support, and integrate computing systems. They will acquire network planning and management skills and the ability to provide technical support. The program will provide hands-on experience in computer systems support and skill in network setup and maintenance.


Law and Public Safety:

This program of study explores police, fire, EMT, and paramedic fields. Students receive hands on training in self-defense, crime scene investigation, traffic stop procedures, rescue operations, building searches, and field communication including operation and management of 911 dispatch. Students will also gain knowledge of court and prison systems. Students will be trained for the CERT, FEMA, and CPR certifications.


Transportation Logistics:

The world of freight services including the role of the airplane, train, sea craft, and truck is explored. Students participate in all aspects of warehouse operations including receiving, picking and shipping, and inventory management. The curriculum also covers warehouse operations including the use of material handling equipment and computer technologies such as bar code printing and inventory software. Second year students learn supervisory and advanced technology skills.





Frequently Asked Questions

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1.  Do classes count for high school credit?

Yes. When students successfully complete each semester, 1 credit is awarded. Because all programs are designed to be 4 semesters (2 years) of study, students can earn 4 credits for successfully completing the program.

Upon successful completion of Health Sciences, students earn the equivalent of two science credits and ½ health credit.


2.  How do CTC East classes fit in my schedule?

We work with the high schools to schedule classes so that students are only away from the high school for one block. The school district provides transportation to and from the school via school bus; students are not allowed to drive to CTC East.


3.  When do I apply?

Applications are available for students during their 10th grade year; applications are available online beginning in January for the upcoming school year, and the application closes prior to Spring Break. Students who are accepted are notified and are enrolled in the programs during their 11th and 12th grade years.


4.  Can I tour your campus to get a better look at the program I’m interested in?

Yes. We have tours scheduled for 10th graders throughout the year and host a parent tour night. However, students and parents are welcome to tour anytime. Please call the school counselor to schedule a personal tour.


5.  Do I have to have certain grades to sign up?

A “C” average in Math and English is required for enrollment in our programs.

In addition, Health Sciences requires a “C” in Biology and Industrial Maintenance requires a “C” or higher in Algebra I.