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MCEF Student of the Month Nominee-November 2015
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Wednesday, November 04, 2015
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Senior Jeremy Sloan is in his 2nd year at DeSoto County Career Tech’s East Center in Industrial Maintenance. Sloan has a 2.8 gpa from Center Hill High School and has only 1 absence this year. He has shown excellent work ethic and has gone above and beyond showing his skills in class. Jeremy has completed multiple projects using these skills by designing and welding parts and pieces of metal to create real-life objects. He was also a competitor in Skills USA last year. Mr. Berryhill, Jeremy’s Industrial Maintenance instructor, says that Jeremy has great leadership and helping skills and will be very successful in his future.


In his free time, Jeremy enjoys motorcycle racing and weightlifting, and is an active member of Germantown Church of Christ. He recently accepted a part-time job at Desoto Honda as an assembler, putting together ATV’s and motorcycles. He plans to attend Northwest Community College after graduation in 2016.

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