Jamie Berryhill

Industrial Maintenance Teacher

Jamie Berryhill

About the Teacher


* I attended school from 1st through 12th grade in Olive Branch.

* I went to Northwest Community College for 2 years, then Ole Miss for another 2 years.  I graduated with a degree in Elementary Education.

*  I taught for 3 years until I returned to Ole Miss to earn my masters degree in Educational Leadership.


* I started teaching 5th grade at OBIS in 1997.

* I taught for 3 years and returned to Ole Miss to get a master's degree in Educational Leadership.

* After earning this degree, I taught 5th grade at OBIS for several more years, until getting a position as assistant principal at the newly opening Overpark Elementary.  I was assistant principal for a year and a half.  I left my position there to return to teaching.  I spent the other half of the school year as a homebound teacher in the district.

* I was fortunate enough to return to OBIS for a 3rd time and now I am here at CTCE!

* Overall, this is my 24th year in education.


* My wife, Ashley, is the Health Sciences teacher at the Career Tech Center in Olive Branch.  We have two boys. Aiden, who is an 11th grader at Lewisburg High School.  Brooks, who is a 7th grader at Lewisburg Middle School.

* I enjoy doing things with my family, watching sports, and hunting and fishing when I get the chance.  I love to take trips to Florida where we go to the beach and to one of our favorite spots Disney World.