Dana Cashion
Health Sciences Teacher
Dana Cashion
About the Teacher


I attended Ole Miss and graduated with MS Communicative Disorders Audiology in 1998.  After working and also staying home with my young family, I went back to school.  I received my ADN from Northwest Mississippi Community College and then my BSN from Christian Brothers University in 2014.  I originally worked at Regional One Health in Labor and Delivery. 


While working as an audiologist at Methodist Central, I worked with both pediatrics and adults.  We performed hearing screenings on all the infants born in the Methodist Hospital System, which at that time included South, North, and Germantown.  We also fit hearing aids for all age groups.  In addition, we did regular vestibular and balance testing on neurologically and vestibularly impaired patients of all ages. We would also, at the doctor's request, go to the OR during ear surgery and monitor the cochlear nerve.  We stayed busy, to say the least!

Moving forward almost 15 years, I returned to school and earned my BSN from Christian Brothers University.  I started my nursing career at the Med in labor and delivery. There we specialized in high risk labor and delivery.  We also had an ER within our facility which focused on pregnant and postpartum patients. As nurses within that department, we rotated among the labor hall, ER, and OR. In addition, Regional One Health is a teaching institution affiliated with UT; therefore we saw alot of students in all fields of health care.  Working with students, I realized that I enjoy teaching and sharing my experience with new and enthusiastic nursing and medical students.  This lead me to the decision to work with the health science program here in my town of Olive Branch!!


I was raised on the Coast of Mississippi in the small city of Gautier, and graduated from Pascagoula High School.  I attended Ole Miss and after graduation moved to Memphis.  There I worked at Methodist Central in Audiology as an audiologist. I married Bryant Cashion from Belmont, Mississippi, and moved to Olive Branch in 1999.  We have two children who attend Lewisburg schools. We also have two dogs; the first, Booger, a Boston Terrier, and the second, a British Lab named Cashions' Midnight Storm (aka Storm).


I love to play tennis, travel, read, and shop.  I also like to garden and to be outside. I am learning to appreciate a short jog to stay healthy! I love a good steak for dinner or Chick-fil-A for lunch, but you can't beat breakfast at Cracker Barrel or Ihop!

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Class Schedule

1st block 7.30-9.05   HS2 Olive Branch seniors

2nd block 9.25-10.59  HS1 Olive Branch juniors

3rd block 11.15-12.45  HS1 Lewisburg juniors


When you come to class, we will start with bellwork. This will lead into classwork and activities. You may use the restroom as needed, as long as you do not abuse that privilege. You may also eat and drink in class-except when we have a guest speaker. I expect you to clean up after yourselves, as this is a privilege also.

Unit Videos
Digestive System Diseases - Click on the title to view videos for this unit.
Lymphatic Systems Videos - Click on the title to view videos for this unit.
Welcome to 2019-2020 school year!  

Welcome to Career and Tech Center East Health Sciences! I am looking forward to this year and my new and returning students!  We have plenty to do this school year and we will hit the ground running! First, we will get aquainted and that will lead into group dynamics and communication. We have a safety test, and according to policy, each student must score 100 on the test. This test will then allow us to start lab time. My seniors should already be familiar with this info, so it will be a refresher. 

HS1, we will then start our medical terminology and working our way through each body system. We will have independent work, group work, lab time, and hands on activities. We will have videos and guest speakers. Before you know it, it will be next spring! We take our state test in April and then wind the year down. You will need to be pass the class, score 70 or greater on CPAS test, and meet the attendance requirements in order to return for year two.

HS2, we will cover introductory professional topics and then start clinical at the beginning of October! Clinical will be two days a week along with class info the other three days-and of course, all your Senior year meetings and engagements! This year will be eye opening for you and I am excited for us to jump into the career world of Health Care!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer! It went by quickly and I will miss the lazy days! But I am excited to start this year and get the show on the road!

Supply Lists

For the 2019-2020 school year


1” binder with dividers to be kept in the classroom

2”-3” binder for class notes and PowerPoint presentations that does not stay in the classroom

Pen or pencil and paper

2 packs of index cards (3x5)

Occasionally students will need poster board or tri-fold board for projects

1 box Kleenex

1 bottle of disinfecting wipes such as Lysol or Clorox

1 package of either paper plates, cups,  OR  plastic silverware



1” binder with dividers to be kept in classroom

 2”-3” binder for class notes and PowerPoint presentations that does not stay in the classroom

 Pen or pencil and paper

 2 packs index cards

 Students will need poster board or trifold boards for projects and we purchases as we go

 Basic watch with second hand for clinical and lab skills

1 box Kleenex